FOR AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND (other countries on request)


A picture speaks a thousand words. BIonaMAP is a web browser based application that will allow you to unlock the information buried in your spreadsheets and databases. You can run queries on this information and display the results on a map without the need to install any software or have any specialist skills.


Starting with something as simple and important as a sales or franchise territory, BIonaMAP makes life really simple.  Gone are the disputes over where an area starts and ends.  Just click with your mouse to create the territory and connect it to the one next to it.



The economic pricing for BIonaMAP is based on subscription and size of company. It is likely to become a regular part of any Sales or Marketing Manager's toolkit, but you can choose to use it for just a month if that is all you need. Whether you have a small company with 2 or 3 sales or service people or are a large corporate, you will quickly wonder how you ever managed without BIonaMAP.

BIonaMAP allows you to generate the coordinates which will allow you to display your customers' locations on a map and to run queries against your business data and view the results on the map, even print them or publish them to a web site or intranet.

You can upload a file from your accounting system or database and start running queries or counts almost immediately. For example, you might want to compare sales of one product versus another within a territory and compared with others. You might want to view your clients, by revenue or monitor call cycles. Death by spreadsheet will become history and we know you will be surprised by the information you uncover.

You can view data from other sources and compare with your own, for example businesses of a certain type showing your clients in one colour or one shape of icon and those you haven't done business with (new prospects) in another.  Databases of certain industries are available under license from GeoSmart and data is also available from other parties.



If you are in the business to consumer market, retail or services, you can also run and display queries based on information from the New Zealand or Australian Government Census. For example if you are selling roof paint, it would be a good idea to look for an area with a large percentage of people who own the house they live in.



BIonaMAP is a powerful business tool with a wealth of functionality. For most companies the comprehensive range of features will be more than enough; however we have already assisted some larger companies with custom versions designed to meet their more unique needs.

There are a vast number of ways that BIonaMAP can help you understand what is happening in your business. You may also find some interesting examples on our blog.

BIonaMAP is one of a series of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications from GeoSmart designed to help New Zealand and Australian businesses work smarter rather than harder.  Another popular application is Route2GO which allows users to optimise the order of calls or deliveries in order to reduce driving costs and time.

For more information or to discuss your needs, please contact us. We are very passionate about our solutions and would love to help you see more of what is going on in your business and help you reduce costs and increase productivity and profit. We also welcome interest from resellers and consultants.